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About Me: I am a hermit (probably most of us are) and I watch a LOT of Youtube, draw (duh) and play video game more
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Country: Christmas Island
Age: 19
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Interests and Hobbies: I like to read, play video games, listen to music, and learn about the history of video games...from the PDP-1 (Spacewars! made in 1958) to nowdays COD Black ops III...I think I internet too much...@- more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: My favorite movie of all time is a classic called Labyrinth. It is about a girl names Sara and she is babysitting her baby younger brother, and she says a spell to goblins and the goblin king to take
Favorite Music: I like Vocaloids, which is a computer remixing and voice editing program, in which one is supplied with different seiyuu, or voice actors. one shall proceed to type the melody and lyric of a song, and
Favorite Books: I like the trilogy of the Hunger Games by Suzzan Collins, Gary Ross, and Billy Ray. The Hunger Games is about a young girl named Katniss Everdeen who volunteers for her younger sister, Prim, because she doesn't want her to die. I also like Pegasus, which is written by Kate O' Hern, and it is about a girl named Emily, who only lives with her father in a hotel apartment. One day, a pegasus lands on her roof, and life changes for Emily...


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