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How To Draw The Cartoon Network Munny

Artist: acereca / April 26, 2009
How To Draw The Cartoon Network Munny

Step 1.

Start with the basic outline. Two circles, and the neck parts.

Step 2.

Now all you have to do is the feet.

Step 3.

Next, draw the arms and hands.

Step 4.

Now draw the ears of the Munny.

Step 5.

You're finished! Now just erase the lines you don't need.

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Artist: acereca
Date Added: April 26, 2009
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Description: Hey, acereca here back with another tutorial! In this tutorial I am going to show you how to draw the Cartoon Network Munny. The munny is the thing that, when it says "Up Next Is _________", the star of the show, or just a character, from the show's picture is on it. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!:D