How to Draw Seagulls

Artist: makangeni / May 10, 2013

Step 1.

The basic form of the seagull is quite simple. When the bird flies and the wings are open, its body can be summarized in a simple elongated shape, the tail is large and triangular and the feet are close to the body. The wings, as you can see in the i   

Step 2.

The bill is generally heavy and slightly hooked. The eyes are medium sized and with round pupils. Around the eye there is an area without feathers. Remember also that the seagull eyes are not perfectly circular.

Step 3.

The feet of the seagull are fully webbed. They have three clawed toes on the front and one small clawed toe on the back of the feet.

Step 4.

Seagulls are generally uniform in shape, with heavy bodies and long wings. Draw the guide lines like in the image.

Step 5.

Start drawing the outline of the head and the moderately long neck, then, add the eye.

Step 6.

Draw the outline of the long bill.

Step 7.

Finish the bill, draw the nostril and draw the area without feathers around the eye.

Step 8.

Follow the guide lines to draw the body.

Step 9.

Now, draw the folded wing.

Step 10.

Add the webbed feet and the tail.

Step 11.

Add the last details: feathers, round pupil, spot on the bill and detail on the feet.

Step 12.

The seagull is finished! I hope you liked this tutorial!

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