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How to Draw Sans the Skeleton Tutorial

Artist: realtoybonnie / January 4, 2017
How to Draw Sans the Skeleton Tutorial

Step 1.

Before we do anything major, remember to press softly with your pencil for the sketch! We will outline the drawing later, and we won't want our pencil lines to be hard to erase! Step one! Draw a circle and a big plus sign in the middle! This wi   

Step 2.

Draw some eyes and an upside down heart for his nose hole.

Step 3.

Draw some eyes for him to see! (Though I'm sure he can see without them anyways??????) There's two options. One with his normal two white eyes, and his genocide eye, which shows up on his left eye with a black spot in the middle. It's up to you to   

Step 4.

Now time to add his smile! Just draw the shape of a.... curved zucchini?? For his smile, then add a few lines in the middle. I would put 3-8 lines in his smile. Remember, there are different styles of drawing sans, so it's perfectly fine to use yo   

Step 5.

Let's change the circle into his face shape. Maybe I should describe it as..., A fat pear? Yeah. A fat pear. Also, if you think his eyes look derpy in my version (I know I do) feel free to fix that in your drawing!

Step 6.

Time to choose the hoodie! I have two hoodies available for you! Floofy hoodie And Normal hoodie! Normal hoodie is for people who are beginners, that prefer to do less detail. Floofy hoodie is for people who are advanced, that are prepared to   

Step 7.

Make a potato shape (you won't stop me from comparing things to food) for his jacket Add a zipper in the middle. Also, in the actual game, the zipper is open, and either a white shirt or his ribs show through. You can change your drawing to be m   

Step 8.

Add his arms! He usually puts his arms in his pockets, but our can change them to any position you like. Add a curved line at the end of each arm if his hands are in his pockets.

Step 9.

Erase the amount of arm that trespasses the curved line. Then tun the curved line into an incomplete rectangle. This completes the pockets. Onto the next step!

Step 10.

Add his shorts! That's it for this step!

Step 11.

Add stripes to his pants! These steps are getting shorter o.o

Step 12.

Add the slippers and a small part of his legs!

Step 13.

Outline the sketch, and then your done! If you don't want to color it, that is! On to the colors!

Step 14.

I added a color pallet for the convenience of knowing what colors you're going to need.

Step 15.

Color his eye sockets black. Make sure to avoid his white pupils!

Step 16.

Color his slippers pink. Add some shading if you want to!

Step 17.

Color his jacket blue! Shade it if you choose with a darker shade of blue

Step 18.

Shade his hoodie and his skull with a light shade of grey!

Step 19.

Add a dark grey to sans's shorts, and use black to shade! (I am aware that sans's shorts are black, but using a dark grey enables you to shade it easier.) Color his zipper grey!

Step 20.

Shade his legs grey.

Step 21.

After your done with your sansasional masterpiece.......

Step 22.

Add a background! The hope you enjoyed this tu-Toriel! Any suggestions? Don't be afraid to ask! Have a great day!

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realtoybonnie · 4 years ago
I would like to apologize for all of the pictures being sideways. I'm pretty sure I took the photos correctly confused
Artist: realtoybonnie
Date Added: January 4, 2017
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Tags: undertale, sans, tutorial, undertale tutorial, sans the skeleton, how to draw sans, how to draw sans the skeleton, how to draw sans the skeleton from undertale
Description: Greetings from the Undertale trash bin! I finally decided to upload a tutorial! I highly recommend that you play Undertale before entering this tutorial! Anyways, enjoy!