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How to draw Raikou

Artist: minun_pokemon / August 4, 2012
How to draw Raikou

Step 1.

First of all you need ot draw the armor that's on Raikou's head and the two Marbles as I call it that are on it's armor

Step 2.

Next you draw the mask and the Outline of the eyes

Step 3.

Now you draw the fangs below the mask and the mane which goes around raikou's head

Step 4.

Now you draw the front of the body

Step 5.

Then you draw the back leg and the cloud that's on raikou's back.

Step 6.

now you draw raikou's claws that are on it's feet and the back of it's front foot and don't forget the part on raikou where it's tail begins

Step 7.

Now you draw raikou's stripes and it's tail that has a spikey barb on the end

Step 8.

Now you draw Raikou's eyes

Step 9.

Last but not least you add color and you have just learned how to draw raikou.

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: August 4, 2012
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Description: This is how to draw Raiku form pokemon once again and this time with the body too!! You already know from my other Raikou head tutorials about raikou so Here is just a little brain warmer,Raikou is a member of the legendary trio of Jhoto and raoms the land with it's other two trio friends Entei and Suicune.Raikou and the rest of it's trio are searching for someone to help them free Ho-Ho fomr the masked man.Well I could sit here all day telling you about pokemon and Raikou but at sometime you are gonna wannna draw so have a lovely drawing day!!