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How to Draw Princess Luna,Princess Luna

Artist: minun_pokemon / May 6, 2013
How to Draw Princess Luna,Princess Luna

Step 1.

First off,You are going to draw Luna's Muzzle.

Step 2.

Next,you will draw her chest,which might look,"puffy" but don't mind it,you will understand why later in the Tutorial. :D

Step 3.

After that you are going to Draw her front leg, which is bent,so it is shortened.

Step 4.

Then you will draw Luna's stomach,which curves.

Step 5.

After doing that,you'll draw her back,which is basically just a straight line,almost. After you will add in the cirve that starts off her hind right leg. :)

Step 6.

Next you'll draw the rest off Luna's back leg,which might look peculiar,but you will see why it looks like that,and just how normal it looks,later on in the tutorial. :D (Doing great so far,just keep on going!)

Step 7.

Then,you will draw her other back leg,which is fully exposed.

Step 8.

Now,add in her left front leg,her leg and hoof are partially covered by her right leg,and hoof.

Step 9.

After drawing all of that,it is time to draw Luna's bangs,which curve over and cover part of her forehead.

Step 10.

Okay,here it starts to get tricky,but don't give up,you have already made it this far! Alrighty,so now you will start drawing Luna's Mane,which is partiallt intertwined with her tail,so some of the lines will blend together with eachother,so some are   

Step 11.

Now,you will draw in some more lines,don't worry about what they specifically go to right now,later you will know which lines go to wither Tail or Mane.

Step 12.

Then you will draw,even more lines! (which are in a different colour ;D )

Step 13.

WooHoo! You made it through that mess of lines! Okay,let's get back on topic now,next you will draw Luna's horn,and her crown.

Step 14.

Then you will add in her hoof slippers. X)

Step 15.

NOw you will draw her cutie mark! A black blob with a moon carved into it,and some circles that surround it,well,lay beneath it to the left.

Step 16.

NOw you will draw in her facial features! her eye,line for nostril,and mouth,which is curved upward! Turn that frown upside down :( = :)

Step 17.

After that,facial features in all, you wil draw in her wing,which is closed,and tucked up against her side. Then,you will draw her armor,which hangs taightly around her neck,it has a moon and some circles aound it too,just like her cutie mark.

Step 18.

And....you are finished! Now just add in colour,and check it over,the coloured version(of mine) to see where the tail and Mane meet and are separated at,that's it,you,Drago Artists,have just learned how to Draw My Little Pony Friendship is Magic's Pr   

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: May 6, 2013
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Description: Hello,and good afternoon,evening,or even morning to you Drago Artists! Today,I have decided to draw a My little pony,Princess Luna,for ReptileLover,they asked,so here it is,hope you like your Luna! :D