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How to draw Paramore

Artist: Wilczur / June 24, 2012
How to draw Paramore

Step 1.

Start with the traditional circles. Draw the raw shapes of the head, arms, body and legs. Be sure to get the proportions right.

Step 2.

Draw the hair and shirt. It's very important that you get the arms right (which lines go over different lines). Make a harder outline of the head and legs.

Step 3.

On this step you have to draw the face, stripes on Hayley's shirt and various lines in her hair. Make a zigzag going down her fringe, showing where the light is shining on her hair. You should also add some lines going down it, just to make it look a   

Step 4.

Now draw Josh, Zac and Jeremy:)) When drawing Jeremy (on Hayley's head), draw his arms outstretched in a T shape, and then draw two more pairs higher and lower than the real pair. The aim is to get the illusion that he's waving them frantically so he   

Step 5.

Go over all the lines in darker pencil or out liner and rub out the unwanted lines (from step 1). If you're colouring the picture, do Hayley's eyes green, because that's the colour they actually are, and her hair a mix of red, orange and yellow. Don'   

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Artist: Wilczur
Date Added: June 24, 2012
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Description: Ok, this is my first tutorial, so please go easy on me:) I'm going to show you how to draw the band Paramore. I've started to listen to them recently and I fell in love with the music. It's not very hard and I think most of you will be able to draw it. Enjoy and comment!!