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how to draw mlp lilly

Artist: Tasey / July 21, 2013
how to draw mlp lilly

Step 1.

first make the guid lines. Make a circle for the head then make a line for the neck thats connected to the circle now make a oval for the body

Step 2.

next make the muzzle and the ear on the circle then on the oval theres lines for the legs

Step 3.

after that draw the head part then make the neck.

Step 4.

now make the legs were those lines are on the oval and dont forget to get the bump on the back legs

Step 5.

then make the eyes,mouth,and small line for the nose and then make a smallish bump on the back side

Step 6.

after that draw the mane and tail also the cutie mark

Step 7.

finally erase the markings and now you have lilly!!

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Artist: Tasey
Date Added: July 21, 2013
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Description: this is my first tutorial hope you like it!!!