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How to draw Little Miss Chatterbox

Artist: pencilpal / July 23, 2012
How to draw Little Miss Chatterbox

Step 1.

First draw a semi-circle for the body

Step 2.

Draw dotsfor eyes and two rectangles for legs

Step 3.

Draw semi-circles on each top side of the head and a bow shape for the feet

Step 4.

Now do two circles at the end of the semi-circles that you have just drawn.Add a curve fot the top lip of the mouth

Step 5.

Now add a larger curve below the curve that you just drew and add circles on the shoes

Step 6.

Draw curved lines at each side of the mouth,at the side of the body and in the mouth.Add a circle at the other side of the body

Step 7.

Add sausage shapes for the fingers and two circles on each shoe

Step 8.

Draw two lines on the right hand(your right)and laces on the shoes. And you're done.

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Artist: pencilpal
Date Added: July 23, 2012
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Description: Learn to draw Little Miss Chatterbox from Mr.Men and Little miss