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How to Draw Leonidas, Gerard Butler, 300

Artist: Nickmoble / April 30, 2012
How to Draw Leonidas, Gerard Butler, 300

Step 1.

First start with the guidelines of the head and face. Also make the basic shape of his torso and arm.

Step 2.

Now, make the outlines of his beard, hair, nose, eyes, ears, eyebrows, mouth and if you want you can add in his scar. The eyes, however, can be quite annoying because he's squinting so when you get the shape you think is right keep it, when you add d   

Step 3.

Next, start making the hairs on his head and beard. Don't make long strokes when making the hair, use small controlled movements when applying the hair. Start with a light approach then darken it up afterwards. Then, add some detail to the face, and    

Step 4.

Now lay down the outline of his cloak, start from the back of his neck down to his chest.

Step 5.

Now, we can add some detail to his neck. Do that then move onto his cloak. Make it darker than his skin but keep it lighter than his beard. You can also add on the burn/rip part of his cloak where the shrapnel hit him.

Step 6.

Next, move onto the arm and hand. Add the arm brace (whatever you wanna call it), the handle, and guideline for the scimitar.

Step 7.

In this step we focus more on the scimitar itself, and his fingers. Create the handle with a ring going up around the fingers.

Step 8.

Now we're back to the whole arm. Darken up the brace and add some shadow beneath it. The scimitar is fully black along with the handle. The fingers can be a pain in the neck to do.

Step 9.

Next, we focus on his torso. Now Spartans don't wear body armor because they don't need it. Plus, they can take more hits than any other human. Their skin is armor itself, so they go without it. So, we're gonna add the depth of his chest and the stai   

Step 10.

Finally, we add the last details to his left arm. This should be very simple, and after that we're all done! If you want you can attempt to make the fallen spartan soldiers in the background to add to the intensity.

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Artist: Nickmoble
Date Added: April 30, 2012
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Description: Hi 'Errbody! I'm back with a tutorial for a very popular movie! Yep, 300! which is one of my favorite movies. I was also looking around on the site and couldn't really find anything for Leonidas, so here we are! I hope you enjoy, and sorry for the lack of a background, I attempted to draw the fallen companions but it's just too darn complicated! Again enjoy, and most of all have fun!