How to Draw Grapes

Artist: Dawn / November 26, 2009

Step 1.

As you can see this is going to be fun and easy. Drawing grapes is one of the more popular things or fruits to draw. These grapes will be lying on their side, so draw a circle for the top part of the fruit and then add the facial guidelines. These fa   

Step 2.

Okay, draw the stem of the grapes and then start drawing the round circles that are the shapes of the grapes themselves. All in all there is a total of eight grapes. When you are done you can move to the next step.

Step 3.

The middle grape will be home to the chibi face that you are about to add. Draw two small eyes, and then draw a cute smiling mouth. Next draw more grapes nearing the bottom.

Step 4.

This is now your last drawing step and ll you have to do is draw the rest of the grapes to cap off the bottom of this delicious fruit. Erase those guidelines that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.

Step 5.

Here is what your grapes look like when you are done. See how fun and easy it was to learn "how to draw grapes step by step?" Now just choose your flavor, green, red, or purple.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Let's learn "how to draw fruit" step by step. I love drawing food because it is so incredibly fun. One of my favorite foods to draw is fruit, and this tutorial will show you how easy it really is to learn "how to draw grapes step by step". I think grapes are one of the yummiest tasting fruits in existence. Not only do grapes have boku vitamins, they are also used to make all the wine in the world. Wine is something that has been enjoyed for centuries, and it's all thanks to our precious fruit, grapes. Grapes come in all different sizes, colors, and flavors, and they are also enjoyed when accompanied with select cheeses. Grapes come in red, green, and purple colors, as well as seeded and unseeded. Grape domestication was originated in the southern parts of Turkey, and it was the Turkish people who discovered that yeast was the key ingredient to making alcohol using grapes which turns into wine. Grapevines are also very beautiful plants that can literally cover an entire yard when grown on a roofed archway like my great grandfather used to grow. He had this amazing archway that had a picket like roof that covered his entire backyard. On this archway and roof he grew grapes, green grapes to be exact. Every summer my mother would come home with a few pounds of freshly grown grapes, and they were so good. A country that is popular for their fine wines is Italy. There they have some of the worlds amazing vineyards that has acres and acres of grape vines. Anyways, this lesson is going to be super fun and super easy. Yo will have a smile on your face by the time you are done learning "how to draw grapes step by step". I will still come back with some more drawing fun so try and stay tuned in. If you can't stay, then when you come back tomorrow, you will something new to look at. Adios amigos.