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How to Draw Emo SpongeBob

Artist: MagicPencil / December 1, 2010
How to Draw Emo SpongeBob

Step 1.

This is just the basic. Start drawling out the outlining of the hair. Start drawling the body. Also don't forget to draw the soon to become mouth. that looks like a frown right now.

Step 2.

Now you wanna draw the circle outline of the eyes. And the nose, teeth and his bottom lip thats squiggly. Draw his legs that are bent and his shoes.

Step 3.

Now you wanna draw the inside of the eye. And his arms and hand. The hand is formed into a fist. You can always change that if you like. Draw his shirt collar and his other arm also his belt.

Step 4.

Now you wanna draw his 3 freckles that are like connect the dots and if you connected them that they formed a triangle. You wanna draw the squiggly line on his body, and his circle sponge holes. Don't forget to draw the little squares in his shoes.

Step 5.

Now just color it in, and it will look awesome! I hope you enjoyed it! I hope it came out like mine or even better!

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Artist: MagicPencil
Date Added: December 1, 2010
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Description: OK so I thought this was a pretty hilarious idea too do. This is my second tutorial, so I am still trying to get the hand of it. I will be soon getting a tablet so my tutorials will be much better soon! Have fun and good luck! :)