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How to Draw Domo Gir

Artist: pikavamp / March 31, 2012
How to Draw Domo Gir

Step 1.

First, draw some simple shapes and lines so the features will be put in the right place.

Step 2.

Next, draw the shape of the eyes, mouth, arms, legs, and nose.

Step 3.

Draw the stiches, ears, and teeth. Make sure the teeth don't touch each other and that there is mostly space in the mouth, not teeth. This is a mistake I have made many times in the past.

Step 4.

Finish off by erasing all extra lines and shading dark areas. Then finish by coloring your Dogir any way you want! Sorry the pics showed up so lightly! But I hope you liked it!

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Artist: pikavamp
Date Added: March 31, 2012
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Description: it's spring break so i decided to make my first tut of how to draw domo gir or dogir. i drew this by hand and plz no negative comments!