How to Draw Cupid

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Begin with a circle and for the head and then draw out the shape of the lower part of Cupid's face. You will then draw out the lines to shape his pot-belly and limb guidelines. Once that is done you will need to draw an odd circle shape for his left    


Now in this step you will start drawing out the lining for his cute curly hair and then shape out the face. Remember, Cupid is suppose to have a baby like image so that is what we are trying to convey here. Once the facial structure is drawn out you    


Okay you are now on step three and with step three comes a nearing end to this awesome tutorial on how to draw cupid step by step. All you will have to do here is finish drawing out the body shape of this adorable love angel. Finish off his right arm   


Well guys this is your last drawing step and what you will do now is draw out Cupid's bow and arrow. Once you have completed this step you will finish off the puffed up baby like hair style and then add some detailing to his face, wing and belly. Sta   


Once your done your Cupid should look like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color him in. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw Cupid step by step. Happy Valentine's Day!

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January 3, 2008

Description: It’s the New Year and with the New Year comes February, and what’s in February, Valentine's Day. That’s right people love is in the air once again which means it’s time to go out and buy those big teddy bears holding a humongous heart, or that big beautiful bunch of roses for that special lady in your life. This winter holiday isn’t just for males to give and women to receive. Let's face it ladies we love to give our men those cute quirky little gifts that mean the world to use, but to our bo’s or hubby’s it is just something that will sit for a long while on a desk or mantel and collect dust or fall behind something to be forgotten about. Don’t get discouraged girls we know just how much we appreciate those gifts that men give us even if it is a piece of sexy lingerie. Then we go to the folks that have no one lined up to spend this love fest holiday with. That is what actually inspired this tutorial for me. Cupid is the angelic match maker that always seems to put together the perfect heart. Then attaches the heart to his arrow and shoots it in the two people that look the loneliest(Or so the tale says). Having said all that, I made this tutorial on how to draw cupid step by step to inspire the couples that like to give from the heart by drawing this cute little naked angel. It would also be nice to learn how to draw cupid if you’re a little kid and want to make a picture for your sweetie in school. What ever the case may be I hope this sketch will help bring love in your life on Feb 14th.

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