How to Draw Cartoon Caricatures

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Start with the basics, the head shape, and the body guidelines. These first steps will form a frame for your caricature. As you can see the shape of head and the body pretty muck look normal.


You can now start sketching out the shape of the face and as you can see it is starting to look larger then her body. Once the face structure is drawn, you can add the lining for her hair, and then her shoulders.


You will now start sketching out her facial features. Start sketching out the eyebrows, eyes, nose, and then the mouth or top lip. Once that is done, you can begin sketching out the arms, and her torso. As you can see her breast are quite large.


Finish sketching out her hair style and then finish her eyes, and mouth. Draw the rest of her arms,and then draw the hands and guns. Next sketch out the dogtag necklace that she is wearing and then add some detailing to her collar bones.


Detail the guns, and then draw her waist and hips. Sketch out her shorts and as you can see the ends of her shorts are drawn to look ripped or cut. Once you are done here you can then move to the next drawing step.


You are almost done. Sketch her belt, add a belly button, and then draw out the shape of her legs, and the tip of the bullet. Take your time to ensure that your caricature is being drawn properly.


Finish sketching out the .30 caliper bullet, you can then draw the rest of her legs, and boots. Erase all the guidelines and shapes to clean up your drawing and prepare it for color.

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March 20, 2010

Description: I figured it would be fun to do another drawing of a caricature, even though I'm not really good at it yet. Since hunting season is drawing closer everyday that passes, I sketched out a girl sitting on a 30-06 bullet with a gun in each hand. She came out looking very cartoony which is totally the point. This lesson is going to show you “how to draw cartoon caricatures”, in a few simple steps. You can customize the girl sitting on the bullet as you begin to draw your female caricature. You might want her to have curly hair instead of straight. Maybe you want her to be a blonde instead of a brunette. Or maybe you just want to customize her clothing to make her look more like she is going to hunt by drawing a fluorescent hat on her head. The choice is really yours. Anyway, when ever you draw a caricature, always remember that the features are supposed to look larger then the rest of the persons body. The head and face are large, and the expressions should also be a bit far fetched. It's almost like you're drawing a bobble head. This tutorial should be pretty easy for you to draw. I hope you have fun with it because I know I did. I must depart from this lesson, but I will return. This place called “The Mad Blog" has some cool sketches on drawing caricatures, I encourage you to check them out as well. Peace out people, and when the time is right happy hunting!

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