How to draw Boris Airay from Alice in the country of clover

Artist: SilentNeko / January 1, 2013
How to draw Boris Airay from Alice in the country of clover

Step 1.

First start off with his hair. Boris has shaggy and rugged hair and in some cases can get rather frustrating quickly. Lightly sketch his hair out before you darken your lines(wich will be done in a later step) if you make your lines too dark it is go   

Step 2.

Now draw two triangle like shapes on the top of his head. These triangles will be his ears. Do not continue with his ears past this point, his ears will be improved later on

Step 3.

next draw out his face. It is important that you do not make your lines to flat or too round. Too round and you may end up with his face looking chubby and with too flat makes his face look more slender then it really is.

Step 4.

Now its time to draw out his neck, shoulders and clothing. In this given picture Boris is wearing his formal clothing that is worn during assemblies.

Step 5.

Just one more thing for his clothing. In Boris's formal outfits he wears a striped bow around his neck( during shading the bow may come as a pain)

Step 6.

Okay now. Now comes his nose, mouth ,and the one eye that is not covered by his hair. Boris has cat-like eyes wich are going to be slanted slightly to give him the real feline appearance. He also has a tattoo on his cheek wich is just a simple black    

Step 7.

Now comes the time to add detail onto his ears. He has his ears pierced so be care full whenever it comes down to the earrings. You don't want to be drawing out his ear and make a line threw one of the earrings. You should not really have too much tr   

Step 8.

Now all that is left to do is shade him in. He has a black shadow underneath his chin wich is the only shadow that he really has in this particular image. The bow has a black stripe down the middle and may be a little bit harder to shade in with it h   

Step 9.

Finish the picture by shading in the rest of his clothing, hair ,and ears. Lightly shade in his hair in ears. Try to lean to a light gray(however even though his hair is shaded in light gray in the manga he has bright pink hair)His under shirt is goi   

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Description: Boris Airay the cheshier cat from Alice in the country of clover was created by QuinRose and ilastrated by Mamenosuke Fujimaru. This tutorial is based off of a image in the manga