How to Draw an Anime Girl Head

Artist: Catcat49 / March 10, 2010

Step 1.

as always start with the basics ^^ a circle for the head, guidelines, and a curve beneath for the shoulders.

Step 2.

yay details ^^ so star by drawing the jaw shape, following the curves like so. then draw the neck from that, not too thick or thin, then the shoulders ^^ also don't forget the ear of awesomeness ^^ then do the shapes for the eyes and the noes a   

Step 3.

yay for more details ^^ so draw the oval thingy in the eye, the closer in the eye they are to you, the more they look at you ^^ then do the little blush mark thingys below them. add eyelashes also since its a girl. next finish the shoulders with    

Step 4.

sorry for the ugly-looking step -.- anyways, add the shines and pupil for the eyes, and draw the mouth :D also add detail to the ears ^^ then add the strands of hair to the bangs, and make the guidelines for the rest of the hair too ^^ I added    

Step 5.

now all that's left to do is shade in the top of the eye, finish the hair, erase guidelines, and all the other stuff necessary. then u can shade ^^ what I always do for shading is choose a light source, then shade the stuff farther away from the ligh   

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Artist: Catcat49
Date Added: March 10, 2010
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Description: yeah, not exactly sure how to describe this... not exactly anime, but not anything else either... its just mah style of anime x3 YES I AM ALIVE MWA HAHA I haven't submitted a tut in like months ;A; but since then i have only gotten awesomer :D u didn't think it was possible did u? well IT IS! sooo here is my first tutorial in infinity ^^ enjoyy!