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how to draw an anime girl eye

Artist: X13LostNekosX / September 29, 2013
how to draw an anime girl eye

Step 1.

First start with this weird curve shape

Step 2.

Then add a circle below it ( this serves as a spot of light in the eye)

Step 3.

Add a line to connect the circle to the curve

Step 4.

Then do this whole curvy and add another spot of light

Step 5.

Then add the lower lash

Step 6.

Color in almost half the eye with black

Step 7.

Then add the pupil and select ur Color

Step 8.

Do this whole shading deal on this side with black

Step 9.

Then the other side with black

Step 10.

Add the eye lid fold and your done! !! Yays! I hope this helped. In some sort of way!

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Artist: X13LostNekosX
Date Added: September 29, 2013
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Description: Fun! Sorta. The are a lot other eye tugs but I'm glad u chose mine!