How to Draw a Rubber Ducky

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In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines for the rubber ducky. Start by drawing a circle for the head and a smaller circle for the eye ball. Next draw out the shape of the rubber ducky's body as shown above.


In this next step you will be drawing out the shape of the ducky's wing and coloring in the eye as shown leaving a little white behind. Now connect the head to the body with a couple of lines on each side to form a neck. Lastly draw out the bill and    


For this last step of drawing all you need to do is draw out the shape of the rubber ducky tail and behind as you can see form the image above. When you complete this task you can pretty much say you are all done. Erase any visible guidelines and mov   


This is what your rubber ducky should look like when you are completely done. Now you are ready to color it in and hang him in the bathroom if you are without a physical ducky. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a rubber ducky.

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May 1, 2008

Description: In this quick and easy tutorial you will be learning how to draw a rubber ducky. I know what you are all thinking "rubber ducky?" and my only response is "yes a rubber ducky". Almost everyone at one point in their life has owned a plastic toy that is yellow in color with a tiny hole underneath. This cute bath toy is mainly made for children with starting ages around 10 mouths old all the way up to at least 10 or so. Now adults have been known to play with rubber duckies as well and this should come to no surprise to anyone. As for me to be completely honest I have never owned or played with a rubber ducky but my brother has, which makes him a perfect example of people that play with or use a rubber ducky when ever or where ever they take a bath. I did say that he still plays with it right and he is like 20 years old. The rubber ducky has been a part of American pop culture since the 1800s. A popular Sesame Street character that really brought this yellow rubber toy into households was Ernie. He is Burt’s friend and roommate in the some what comical television series that is aired on PBS for young children. Ernie’s outstanding performance for the song and skit named “Rubber Duckie”. He also went everywhere with his little yellow rubbery friend and felt as though he could tell him anything. Jim Henson is the creature of Sesame Street and Fragil Rock. The rubber ducky has and always will be children’s homes for many years to come. This tutorial will show you how to draw a rubber ducky step by step. The instructions as you can imagine are super easy to understand and read. So run to the bathroom and grab your favorite Rubber duck because it is time to make a portrait of your little yellow pal.

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