How to Draw a Raging Bull


You will begin with drawing the guide shape of the body, then add the single line for the neck and then draw the head guide.


Up next, draw the shape of the bull's hunched over neck, along with the shape of the head. Add the strong bull horns, then you can proceed to step three.




Here you will draw the side view of the bull's body. Draw in the front legs and hooves and as you can see they are in a bending pose because this bull is running or charging.


Finish the body on the top, then sketch in the detailing along the side of the neck and shoulder.


Here you will almost complete the drawing by sketching out the back end of your raging bull. This should include the leg, tail and hair tuft at the end of the tail.


Finish off the drawing by adding the last leg. Erase the guidelines and mistakes to complete the drawing.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can use the image to place on a card, or just to have as a drawing.

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January 28, 2015

Description: Bull fighting and a sport called 'running with the bulls' is something that has been around for decades. Today I will attempt to show you folks how to draw a raging bull, step by step. The bull is supposed to showcase how when and if provoked, they can become enraged and very dangerous. I wanted to try and keep the task as simple as possible so what I did, was draw this bull from the side with it's head down in a ramming action pose. I think you will enjoy this tut. I will shut up now so you can tackle this task.

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