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How to draw a Mlp female earth pony ( in my style )

Artist: ThePippingtonHelper / April 21, 2015
How to draw a Mlp female earth pony ( in my style )

Step 1.

Create three circles 1 for the rump, 1 for the chest and 1 for the head.

Step 2.

Ad lines to connect make sure that the lines are a different color to the circles oh and ad lines to create the muzzle and ear

Step 3.

Ad on the legs and make sure nothing is the same color of the circles but the circles

Step 4.

Create the inside ear thing, the nostril and the mouth also get rid of any lines in the inside leg area and the color then legs to be the color of the lines

Step 5.

Create the eye make sure to at the shines in the eyes

Step 6.

remove any parts of the circles we made at start that are not useful and the ones that are color them to match the other lines

Step 7.


Step 8.

Ad mane, tail and cutie mark and your character is done and i Hope this is helpful

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Artist: ThePippingtonHelper
Date Added: April 21, 2015
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Description: This is if you want a simple way to draw a mlp character P.S. this is my first so if it is hard to under stand, to long or not very helpful i'm sorry