How to draw a manga stallion


I know there's loads of ways to draw horses, but the easist way for me is to start with the ear. By drawing a curved line going up then down.


Go back to the front of the ear and from there draw a short line then gently curve down for the horse's head and by then you should be around the nuzzel area.


Now that your down to the nuzzel turn right from where step 2 left off and at the end curve up for the cheek. Next it's back to the behind of the ear and from there draw a long line for the back of the neck and after that go just behind the nuzzel an   


Coninue on from where the chest curve left off still keeping the gentle curvy line for the belly.


Now time to get started with the legs, starting with the front right leg. Go from at the end of the first curve in the chest area and again draw a long curved line downwards when you get to the end of the line turn right and draw back up. Next is the   


Back to the back, draw more of the back then curve down for the butt, you may also need to add more to the belly side of horse. And when drawing a stallion don't forget to add a little bump to show it's male. Now onto the back legs, like before draw    


The outline is almost done, the back left leg is in a similar position to the second leg. So draw a tilted line forward starting from an ince infront of the bump and once you get to the end of the line turn right and draw back up.


Time to draw in the details, first with the eyes, the way I draw the eyes is by drawing a angled rectangle kind of shape and draw a circle inside it for the eyeball and a shade it with a semi circle. The eyebrow is the easist part to draw as it's jus   


Now time for the fun part! Well it's fun for me anyway. The final parts of drawing horses is the mane and tail, when drawing horses you can do both mane and tail anyway you like but for this drawing it's just a simple swift zig zag kind of thing.

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February 21, 2013

Description: I've been drawing horses since I was in preschool, mostly manga as you can tell. I hope this works out for you, but don't get upset if it doesn't work out the first time after all it took me thirteen years to learn to draw like this.

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