How to draw a man with a steampunk cannon

1 Hight and proportions.

Ok, so first, draw these lines to determine the over all proportions. Red = head, blue = neck, green = torso, black = upper leg, green blue = lower leg. If you want to you can decrease the neck and torso, since I made them quite long.

2 Draw the Head

Draw a circle like shape for the guidelines for the head, and then draw the chin.

3 Add detail

3 Add detail to the head. I chose to give him relatively simple hair, and I made the nose not stick out much to get the “mad” look. The reason we do some detail now is so that we can see if we made any major mistakes while doing the overall struc   

4 Draw the neck and the upper torso

Draw the torso. Create an oval like shape to show the upper torso, and connect it to the head. I went quite thin on the upper torso, and quite thick on the neck, bringing me almost to the uncanny valley. You may want to do a deeper torso and a thinne   

5 Draw the lower torso and hip

Draw a circle to indicate the start of the legs. Connect this to the upper torso with lines. You may skip this step and step 7 if you only want the upper body

6 Arms and cannon

Draw circles to show the elbows and wrists. If you are worried about getting this wrong, draw lines from the shoulder/elbow to the elbow/wrist to get the distances right, maybe even using a ruler. Now, for the thing you have clicked on this tutorial    

7 Draw the legs

Draw circles to show the knees. Draw the guidelines for the legs by connecting these to the hip circle, and then drawing the part of the leg bellow the knee (fairly simple).

8 Do the line art

Now, for the line art. This is quite self-explanatory, and most people, when given a base with the right proportions have their own unique ideas on how to do the details. Just try to make sure that there are ripples/winkles/threads in the clothing/ha   

9 Add colour

Now, for the colour. This is quite self-explanatory, and most people, when given lineart, have their own ideas on how to do the details

10 Have fun!

Add wrinkles in the clothing, shadows and other details(what I said in step 8 works here as well). Have fun! Since this tut is mostly about proportions, I can't show you how I did the shading since that would make this too complex. I used this pin f   

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August 30, 2021

Description: Hello in this tutorial I will show you how to draw a man with a steampunk cannon. Since I am an amateur artist, I will go back at times between image saves to fix small mistakes, but this should not matter to much

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