How to Draw a Jaguar

How to Draw a Jaguar
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Start by drawing a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then start sketching out the lining for the tribal shapes that you will draw later.


You will utilize the facial guidelines you drew in step one, to draw in the catty shaped eyes of this animal. Next draw the outline for the cats mouth.


Here you will sketch out the nose tip, and then draw the crease or wrinkle lines on the snout. Once that is done you can draw the crease lines between the eyes and then draw the gum line for the jaguar's mouth.


Sketch in some random dots and then fill the spots with whiskers like you see here in this step. Once that is done you can draw the teeth and fangs for both the upper and lower jaw lines. Take your time to ensure that you draw uniform looking teeth.


All you will do here is sketch out the shape of the jaguar's head as you see here and be sure to sketch the ears too. When drawing the cheeks and chin, you will need to add some fuzz to make the animals coat look thick and soft.


For your last drawing step all you need to do is draw the razor like tribal lines so that they form knife like shapes, and then add definition inside of the ears. Once complete you can tweak the drawing to your liking and then start erasing all the g   


Here you have an awesome finished tutorial that taught you how to draw a jaguar. Remember this would also make some cool tattoo art and everybody knows that this big cat makes an awesome jaguar tattoo design. Hope you had fun, join me again for anoth   

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February 9, 2010

There are only a handful of big cats in existence and for the most part I have uploaded drawing lessons on more then a few of them. Today I'm gonna submit a tutorial that is going to be on another big cat, but this time I wanted to do something different. I'm going to combine this lesson on “<strong>how to draw a jaguar, step by step</strong>”, with some tribal art. Instead of drawing the entire body of this animal, I will sketch it, and lay it out as a tattoo design. The jaguar is one of the more fascinating cats out of them all. It is also believed that out of all the big cats in South America, the jaguar is the biggest. In the past, these fierce beasts walked the earth from the south to the northern parts of the U.S., and even near the Mexican border. Nowadays they can be found only around parts of central and south America near or in the Amazon Rain forests. Did you ever watch that movie “Apocalypto”? Well, in that movie there is a character named “Jaguar Paw”. Native Americans believed that jaguars where very important animals. So important in fact, that they even celebrated them, and the ancient Indians praised the “Jaguar God of the Underworld”. Did you know that this animals name came from Native American tongue? It's true, they called these beast “yaguar” which means “he who kills with one leap”. They got this native name for good reason. The jaguar is known for killing prey with just one bite after they pounce on their kill. Incredibly these animals live alone and they distinctively mark their territories either with urine, fesses, or by clawing trees. To this day the jaguar is being hunted for their beautiful coats that are usually a tan-ish orange, and even so dark that they look black. The spots on a jaguar are called “rosettes” because they look or are shaped like roses. I know you guys will have fun with this tutorial because you will learn “<em>how to draw a jaguar</em>” in a really cool way. I colored my finished sketch black and white to add more subtleness to it, but you can shade it in any color you like. I will be back later with more stuff to draw. Peace out and happy drawing!

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