How to draw a Hexagon


Select the length of your side that you want your hexagon to be.


Set the compass to that length.


Draw a circle with the compass.


Make a mark on the circle. Can be anywhere but easier if you make the mark at the top.


Starting at the mark, swing a series of arcs around the circumference of the circle. You don't draw anything at all. Do not change the length of your compass.


Check to make sure that the last mark lands directly on the first one. If not repeat step 5.


Connect the marks to form straight lines to form a hexagon. Now you've made a perfect hexagon with the exact length angles and everything. Sorry for the bad graphics. I hope you enjoyed my lesson on how to draw a hexagon!

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August 24, 2012

Description: Now a lot of people might think that drawing hexagons are easy but you'll probably find out that there drawings are not accurate. Today i will be showing you how to draw a hexagon. You will need a ruler and a compass

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