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How to draw a happy anime face

Artist: TheOnlyBillCipher / June 2, 2016
How to draw a happy anime face

Step 1.

draw a circle.

Step 2.

draw some guidelines to keep the face even.

Step 3.

draw the sides of the face.

Step 4.

draw the chin for the face.

Step 5.

draw some extra guidelines so your picture doesnt come out looking wacky.

Step 6.

i like to do this it helps. draw LIGHTLY VERY LIGHTLY the sides to where the eyes dont cross over.

Step 7.

draw the eyes to the face.

Step 8.

i like to define the eyes or just the main parts of the face. finish the base of the face with the mouth and eyebrows.

Step 9.

like i said, i like to define the main facial features, so u can do that if u want...

Step 10.

now erase your guidelines carefully. dont worry about the red line above her head. i like to keep that there so i know where to start of the hair.

Step 11.

this will be the finished version but i left it at this so u can choose ur own hairstyle or expression if you want. enjoy!

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Artist: TheOnlyBillCipher
Date Added: June 2, 2016
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Tags: people, girl, happy, pretty, head
Description: just something that i thought that might help those out there who like anime and want to learn.