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How to draw a guy ejecting from a jet

Artist: dukenukem / June 22, 2010
How to draw a guy ejecting from a jet

Step 1.

The idea hear is to lay out where you want the fuselage, wings, and tail to be located. This helps to keep the everything lined up later.

Step 2.

Next draw an oval or something close to that to be the fuselage.

Step 3.

Next step is to draw the rough outlines for the wings and tail section. The closer wing is going to be shorter because it got knocked off.

Step 4.

In this step draw the cockpit and the ejected canopy. The canopy can be closer or further away or at a different angle, whatever floats your boat. Also in this step draw the front of the wings and the jet intake. I would remove the guide line after t   

Step 5.

Just draw an ejection chair. If you have ever had the chance to see a real one, they are quite angular and don't really have many rounded edges.

Step 6.

Now put a guy in your ejection chair.

Step 7.

Now add some of the details to the fuselage like the exhaust nozzles and the bottom of the fuselage. Also make the vertical stabilizers a bit more rounded.

Step 8.

This step is optional. Draw outlines for the fire coming out of the back and out of the wing. I don't like my fire with outlines so I usually erase it later.

Step 9.

Finished! Now all you have to do is color it. I'll leave that up to you.

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Artist: dukenukem
Date Added: June 22, 2010
Steps: 9
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Tags: fighter jet ejection
Description: This is my first tutorial so I hope that it is not too hard to follow. The jet is just something I sketched, it isn't really meant to look like any one particular airplane. Enjoy!