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How to Draw a Christmas Tree Girl

Artist: FairyPiece / December 2, 2012
How to Draw a Christmas Tree Girl

Step 1.

First, you draw a rough sketch of the girl and the star on top of her

Step 2.

Now you have to draw her body with easy lines.

Step 3.

you draw her clothes, boots and her gloves. Don't forget the white,fluffy stuff at those boots,gloves; that makes it a little bit more like Christmas.

Step 4.

Now you draw her funny, strange hair. watch out, that they are a little wavy and not straight.

Step 5.

Now we come to her face. Her eyes are very big and a little hanging down.

Step 6.

Now you draw the decoration. You can draw only Christmas Balls, but for me that's too boring! I've tried a lot!

Step 7.

Draw shadows of the legs, boots, arms... And FINISH!

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Artist: FairyPiece
Date Added: December 2, 2012
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Description: This is a Christmas Tree-Girl. I think it looks funny...Hope you like it!