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How to Draw a Bird Head

Artist: boeietoch / February 12, 2009
How to Draw a Bird Head

Step 1.

First draw some simple shapes this is a basic in almost every drawing.

Step 2.

Then work more detailed make some rough outlines and add the beak, and circle for the eye, decoration around the eye and the cheek.

Step 3.

Put some work in the eyes because eyes give the drawing the feeling that it's living (I think)eyes are almost the important thing on a drawing if the eyes are not good it looks fake.

Step 4.

Final step erase all guidelines and make it pretty add some details to the beak I colored and shaded it with paint.

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Artist: boeietoch
Date Added: February 12, 2009
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Description: My first tutorial made with paint. *note that I did this with paint*