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Flying Jellyfish for kids

Artist: Roughcat77 / March 24, 2012
Flying Jellyfish for kids

Step 1.

To start draw a half circle.

Step 2.

Add a rectangle below the half circle.Round it out if wanted.

Step 3.

Add two eyes,the eyes can be however you want.Then add wings,you can make them as simple or as complex as desired.Add squigly lines coming from the body for tentacles.Draw the tentacles however feels natural.

Step 4.

Voila!A flying jellyfish.Thanks 4 reading!

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Artist: Roughcat77
Date Added: March 24, 2012
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Description: Sure you can draw yourself a regular jellyfish thats drab and normal,but why do that when you can draw something super unique,thus the flying jelyfish,thy hopeths thou enjoyeths.