Baby Ice Bear, How to Draw, We Baby Bears


Begin with the guidelines and shapes like you see it drawn for you here.


Next you will draw out baby ice bear's face shape, ears, eyes, nose and mouth.


Go ahead and draw out the arms and paws.


Next and lastly draw the rest of the body and the legs. Erase the mistakes and guides when you're all done.


That's it. You have completed this lesson on drawing baby ice bear. Now you can color in your drawing.

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January 21, 2024

Description: Okay. Here is my last lesson for the day. Lastly, we have the third bear from We Baby Bears, how to draw baby Ice Bear, step by step. This is such a cute little clone of a regular ice bear. All three of the baby bear characters are now here for your drawing pleasure. I did not see any of them uploaded by anyone here on Drago so go ahead and have some good fun. I will be back tomorrow with more for you guys to learn from. Thanks for joining me today. Have fun and remember to comment, like, love, fav, and SHARE!

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