Anime Snake

Artist: PregnantHinata127 / December 28, 2012

Step 1.

In this step You draw an oval for the head and a curved line for the back bone.

Step 2.

Now draw a mor pronoced snake head shape and add 2 curved lines for the body till you reach the tip of the tail(note these first two steps are where you detiermine th length and width of your snake).

Step 3.

Now ad some coils and spots to the body of your snake then add some scales and eyes to the head as well as a mouth.

Step 4.

Add a couple more coils and some scales to the neck.

Step 5.

Now ink in your drawing and erase your construction lines and there you go an Anime snake.

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Artist: PregnantHinata127
Date Added: December 28, 2012
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Description: I was looking on the site one day and noticed that the Anime Manga section had nothing on Anime snakes so I made one Enjoy.