How To Draw Spyros Head

Artist: CytricAcid / October 3, 2010

Step 1.

start with a simple circle, and add some crosshairs so you know where his head is pointing.

Step 2.

draw the eyes large, and don't forget to shrink the eye thats farther away horizontally. For the muzzle, add a oval a bit off to the side of the crosshairs and connect the edge to the edge of the eye.

Step 3.

here is where you add the eyebrows and the mouth. use the bottom of the oval to base the mouth off of, and extend it a bit past the eye. add an extra line for his cheeks. Add his irises, and draw two half-cricle above his eyes for his eyebrows.

Step 4.

use the crosshairs to find where his jaw ends.

Step 5.

make two curved lines under his jaw for the neck. add his nostrils by drawing a oval and a line through it. draw a little curve on the bottom of the muzzle oval to define it more, connecting the right side to the point where the jaw connects with t   

Step 6.

add spyro's trademark frill to his head. see how it curves around his head and how it looks a bit like a chainsaw. Add his shoulder and chest.

Step 7.

add his horns, following the curve of it. see the middle of the horn to the left for the curve that it follows. connect the shoulder to the bottom of the picture.

Step 8.

Detail it up! seperate the hard horn from spyro's scaly skin, and his pupils. draw two lines down his neck and body for his belly scales, and draw perpendicular lines to separate each scale.

Step 9.

add some lineart and erase your sketch. Now you're done, unless you want to give the poor dragon some color! :D

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Artist: CytricAcid
Date Added: October 3, 2010
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Description: Spyro has always been a great video game character. For this tutorial we will be drawing Insomniac Spyro, not the spyro from the Legend of Spyro series. Remember: don't blindly copy this, understand what I am doing and put your own flare into it!