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How to Draw a Cracked Family Portrait

Artist: RainbowKawaii / November 25, 2012
How to Draw a Cracked Family Portrait

Step 1.

First draw a rectangle.

Step 2.

Next draw a rounder rectangle inside the first one.

Step 3.

Then draw circles inside the round rectangle to represent your family members.

Step 4.

Next draw the faces of your family members and the string and nail to hold up the portrait. (String and nail is optional if you want your picture to be hanging on a wall.)

Step 5.

Draw hair on your members' heads.

Step 6.

Add bodies and clothing on your members.

Step 7.

Get rid of excess lines and color your members in.

Step 8.

Last and final step... Add cracks to make it look like it's been through a disaster!

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Artist: RainbowKawaii
Date Added: November 25, 2012
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Description: A tut on how to draw a cracked family portrait.