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How to Draw Naoya From Kiss of Revenge

Artist: Dawn / June 7, 2015
How to Draw Naoya From Kiss of Revenge

Step 1.

Start off with guidelines and shapes to form the head/face and the shoulders.

Step 2.

Using the face guide, draw in the actual structure of Naoya's face. Draw the long straight bangs and then proceed to step three.

Step 3.

Up next, draw the eyebrows and then draw in the shapes of the eyes. Next, draw in the nose and mouth like so.

Step 4.

We will finish Naoya off by sketching out the neck and then draw the shoulders which are crinkled and wrinkled. Add detailing to the shirt as well then erase your mistakes and guidelines/shapes.

Step 5.

Here is the line art for your drawing of Naoya from Kiss of Revenge. Color him in and you can tackle another tut.

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radiant_otaku · 5 years ago
Obsession · 6 years ago
He's a character that will be adder to season one, but he's not an original. ^^ kiss of revenge will probably continue soon and Naoya will be added. Awesome tutorial as always :hai: :hai: :hai: and maybe you could do a tutorial on ayame? She's one of my absolute favourites. :boogie:
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 7, 2015
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Tags: how to draw kiss of revenge characters, how to draw kiss of revenge
Description: Hey there folks, it's me again and with my return I bring some lessons. This next one is going to be on how to draw Naoya from Kiss of Revenge, step by step. I'm guessing that this character was brought in during the second season, but I do think that the whole series is cancelled. Kiss of Revenge is a game and nothing more. I don't know how these awesome looking characters are not in a real anime/manga series. Anyways, have fun and let me know if there are more Kiss of Revenge characters you would like to see as tuts. Adios folks, peace out.