Attack on Aurelia: Aurelia Breaches the Wall.

Artist: Jaredthefox92 / February 7, 2023

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Artist: Jaredthefox92
Date Added: February 7, 2023
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Tags: women, fantasy, witch, fox, foxes, vixen, mobian, dress, witches, gts, giantess, macro, female, evil, villainess, ladies, villains, medieval
Description: Aurelia had one thought on her mind that night, revenge. She would make the kingdom pay. For every witch hunter they sent after her, for every accusation of witchcraft, for every bit of torment that she had to endure. Now was her night, it was the witching hour and the power of dark magic flowed through her body. She was about to give the kingdom the monster they were searching for. She cared not how many people she stepped on, how much ruin she'd bring to the land. Her target was the king himself. She would make him suffer as much as she did.