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Artist: gothrat666 / November 16, 2020

Comments (5)
Available_Name · 7 months ago
*Huge shock of jealousy* Bruh, why can't I be this good a drawing?! ;w;
gothrat666 · 7 months ago
omg pls i think this drawing is TERRIBLE i didn’t do any proportions right askdjdjsj but seriously just keep practicing !!! i’ve been doing digital art since 2013ish and i still barely understand how to do it loll
Available_Name · 7 months ago
I just started digital art a few months ago... How could you think something so well made terrible?! And same though.... I have to get tips from my friends who's be doing it for a while. Plus, I use Kleki and it's not the best app lol
Ravenn · 7 months ago
ooooooooh!!!! how did you draw this?! amazing :3
gothrat666 · 7 months ago
thank u sm!! It was drawn on krita :))
Artist: gothrat666
Date Added: November 16, 2020
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Comments: 5
Tags: gothic, halloween, witch, digital art, crow, pumpkins, magic, punk
Description: Cute lil witch carving pumpkins in the forest with a friend!