Grau Arrives!

Artist: Jaredthefox92 / February 7, 2023

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Artist: Jaredthefox92
Date Added: February 7, 2023
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Tags: girl, anthro, woman, monster, girly, fox, foxes, vixen, mobian, mobius, dress, gts, giantess, giant, macro, female, dresses, kaiju, superheroes, heroine, hero, superpowers
Description: The buildings rumbled and the ground shook as loud booming thuds were heard, soon the populace on the streets of the city would all unilaterally avert their gaze upwards in unison as they would see the colossal and towering vixen, Grau Bradanksa. Grau herself hadn't noticed the tiny pedestrians as she was off looking into the distance. As she averted her eyes over the horizon, there was slight panic as well as confusion. There was however, the occasional fan of hers or admirer who would look at the titaness fox as a beautiful demigoddess.