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About: My real name is Kate Cavone.I like songs.i'm 17 . I'm not well on topic art that's why I'm here in d more
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  catmoio posted a post 8 years ago

:hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: :hai: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  tdogrocks113 posted a post 8 years ago

thats just not cool. friends are supposed to be trustworthy

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  lordvoldemort posted a post 8 years ago

go to my contact info and email me if you want proof that this is my other dragoart...i lost the P A S S C O D E for this and idk why i can't recover i've been hacked by my closest friend who probably changed the P A S S C O D add me

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  Kate201310 uploaded 1 artwork 9 years ago

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