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  TheKoRnatoR uploaded 6 artwork 2 years ago

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  TheKoRnatoR made 1 friend 2 years ago

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  BMTHFAN posted a post 6 years ago

ur super good. :D

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TheKoRnatoR · 6 years ago
Thanks!! :) I kinda improved with time passed, when I see my older works I can't figure out how I liked those drawings and put them on here hahah I mean I love all of my work because it's those things that are actually needed to improve in drawing or painting etc. but it's been like 6 years since I joined here and things changed so I'm too taking a different direction in terms of drawing, painting and/or design. :) Keep doing the same Isabel, it's true what they say about practice makes perfect, I myself has figured that to be very true and trust me, there's isn't something more satisfying than doing what you do best and just getting better at it!
BMTHFAN · 6 years ago
i will and yw :D :watermelon:
  EmoAngel70 posted a post 7 years ago


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  EmoAngel70 posted a post 7 years ago

Hey i listened to Lacuna Coil last night THEY R AWESOME

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TheKoRnatoR · 7 years ago
Which song did you hear? :D
EmoAngel70 · 7 years ago
Several I couldnt stop listening lol
  EmoAngel70 posted a post 7 years ago

Hey Celestin guess what!!

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  EmoAngel70 posted a post 7 years ago

I meant an motionless in white lol oops

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TheKoRnatoR · 7 years ago
Heard of 'em all but for Slipknot I can give a :speechless: good thumbs up for sure, their last album was so expected troughout the fanbase and they gave something that had that Iowa era feel with a different concept, I like them for what they really are and I see a bunch of down to earth guys makeing a sick show and having fun, that's what it is all about in music for me and what should it be potraited as.
EmoAngel70 · 7 years ago
Yea touché same with falling in reverse XD I love thier new album and I love 3dgs new album if decide to chek 3dg out Check out the song car crash it's bad :speechless:
TheKoRnatoR · 7 years ago
idk if you're into gothic metal but check out for Lacuna Coil, they're smacking hard nuts

  EmoAngel70 posted a post 7 years ago

Hi there.... :mature:

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TheKoRnatoR · 7 years ago
Hello :)
EmoAngel70 · 7 years ago
Yo wazzup
TheKoRnatoR · 7 years ago
Not much really, just listening to some music and chilling after a long and exhausting day


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