The member section is back up!

By ghostfreak
December 18, 2023 AT 04:24 PM (updated: 4 weeks ago)

Thanks everyone for you patience. I know a lot of people tried signing in but wasn't able to. If you have any further problems, find any bugs, or just want a new feature, zip me a note in the comments below.

Comments 3

I was able to join and login okay today, but the comments forms on tutorials don't do anything when you're not logged in. I think it should show an error message telling people they need to login to post comments. I sent an e-mail offering to help fix it, but it looks like you know what you're doing. Just an oversight, I guess?

Hello Devastatia, I just received your email. I was just about to respond than I got the comment. So there wasn't any problem? I'm currently working on a sitewide chat, but I will put down your suggestion on my TODO list. If you have any feature requests or anything just reach out. Thank You!

Besides the comment form not giving an error message or any other response when you're not logged, I haven't seen any other issues. I'm guilty of that myself, actually. My comment form wasn't doing anything with the error message that came back in the XHR response. I fixed that today. :D