New and Improved Dragoart

Submitted on September 8, 2022
Hello and welcome to Dragoart both old and new. If you have been a long lasting member here, you may have already noticed the significant difference with our site. Dragoart is now more engaging than ever before with some really cool and interactive features. To start, users are now able to steam live when drawing whether you are creating art, making a tutorial, or battling someone live. Speaking of battling, did I mention that another awesome feature to the NEW Dragoart is our very own drawing battles? is the first (and only) art community where you can battle other artists. Members will vote on completed art submitted to the battle, and from there a winner is chosen. With each winning battle, members gain exp. to get to the next level to become battle champions. One of the great features of our drawing battles is that you don’t have to be a friend to the opponent you wish to battle. Just send them a request by selecting the “BATTLE” icon and wait for them to accept the challenge. And finally, Dragoart now hosts drawing contests. Any user can take part in the various contests posted on our contest page and, you as a Drago user/member can also create a contest of your own. That means, any member of DA can create and post a contest and offer whatever prizes chosen by said individual. Apart from our livestreaming feature, our battle page and contests, be sure to take notice to your profile page. You now have the ability to customize your profile member page with your very own banner. Don’t hesitate to fill out the “About Me” so other artists can relate, connect and even challenge with you. is always striving to keep our site updated until the user experience is perfected and even then, we like to keep things flowing nicely. So if you come across any bugs, redirects, or other faults, please be sure to shoot us an email or send in a ticket so that we can address and fix any and all issues found by you. Also don’t hesitate to let us know of features you would like to see here on Dragoart as well. To remind people who may not be familiar with our site, is one of the oldest drawing tutorial and Art sites on the web today. We were even features by Pewdiepie himself. Don’t believe us? Just click on the link to see for yourself.

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thank you ;)