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xixen the zangoose

Artist: xanthos / July 21, 2010
xixen the zangoose

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Artist: xanthos
Date Added: July 21, 2010
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Description: i have no clue who this is but i like it! n,..,n Name: Xinen Hight: 4"6' Moves:leer,scratch,quick attack,swords dance,Fury cutter,slash,pursuit,embargo,crush claw,sexy taunt, detect,false swipe,X-scissor ,close combat, BIO: Xinen was Xylons best friend and was even a lover till the day there trainers forced them to fight to the death and knocked him out of commission making him loose all his memories of himself and about her her front hands r larger than most other zangooses and her claws have the same little ability az xylon does