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Artist: Pokepower999 / December 15, 2013

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Artist: Pokepower999
Date Added: December 15, 2013
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Description: Okay, so iv'e been wanting to draw this for a while now, and it is, as the title says Glad. As you can see its another DBZ (David Byrne Zangoose) drawing. Glad is a song by my favorite musician, David Byrne, and Glad is one of the songs from his album 'Grown Backwards'. In my drawing I have featured every single line of the lyrics as an individual picture. If you looked hard enough you could match every line to a picture! (or arrow). Anyway, I hope you like it! -Pokepower999 -Zangoose is copyright to Nintendo -Lyrics of Glad are copyright Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.? (I think, correct me if i'm wrong...) But the rest is mine! That includes the Idea of DBZ... I should think... And now i'll leave you with the lyrics of glad!: I'm glad I've got skin, I'm glad I've got eyes I'm glad I got hips, I'm glad I've got thighs I'm glad I'm allowed to say the things I feel I'm glad I got hair, glad I got ears I'm glad I got lungs, I'm glad I got tears Glad that I never ever know what's real I'm glad I got lost I'm glad I'm confused I'm glad I don't know, what I like I'm glad I got stoned I'm glad I got high I'm glad I found out I'm alright I'm glad when the sex is not so great I'm glad that I doubt, I know what they say I'm glad when I get my girlfriends names confused I'm glad I know how my life will end I'm glad I don't have no common sense I'm glad the things are wrong I thought I knew I'm glad I'm a mess I'm glad you don't mi