Dragoart Drawing Contest

Dragoart Drawing Contest

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July 5, 2010

hey guys linkin here. I'm having a drawing contest(and plan to have more contest in the future) heres the simple rules: either draw a pic(paper or computer made) and post it in your gallery, or the other option: make a youtube video, post it on your channel, leave the link on this page and i will watch every video and look at every drawing. All you need to do is write a comment on this very page saying "enter" so i know your in....then come back and post a comment containing the link to your art(this will be your dragoart or deviantart gallery, or your youtube link) one more rule. The drawing must be appropriate. No content over the age of 10. I dont want this to get out of hand. Thanks guys and good luck to all of you. I have not decided a prize, or even to the fact if there will be one. Good luck!

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