A tribute to Dizzy Duckie

Artist: sabertoothwolf / December 7, 2011

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Artist: sabertoothwolf
Date Added: December 7, 2011
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Description: (edit- she's coming back, whole emotional speech thing is changed to present tense XD)I think most of you should know Dizzy :) She is a lovely person, pleasent, polite and selfless. She creates icons for people for free, you don't even need to be too close to her, you just have to ask and she deos it, which is an act more kind than what I am capable of XD I am a proud owner of one of her icons, I was so happy when she gave it to me, I didn't even ask for one and I was extremly greatful, I use it for every website that I go on ^_^ She feircly defends her friends and I am by her side on any argument that she may have (Because we're that hardcore XD ) She was the third person to join The Boaties, and will always have a place in the group :) I am very happy to be able to call her a friend :3 Also, this is the style that The Boaties comic will be in! :D I drew Dizzy in her anthro form (in this case a psyduck XD ) which is like a half and half form between her human and animal form. All of the other Boatie Leaders are in their animal forms. On a random note, Amberowl was soooooo fun to draw, such beautiful eyes! BTW, Dizzy is sailing away from the other Boaties, she's turning around to wave goodbye :3 (but now she's washed up on shore, yay!)