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About Me: Hey, my name is Taylor, just call me tay.. thats what everyone else calls me, I really love to play more
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Country: United States
Age: 43
Gender: Male
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Interests and Hobbies: My hobbies.. I like being at football practice, I LOVE to run long distances, I like to take stupid idiotic dares for low amounts of money, I like to hunt, listen to music and most importantly I like more
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Bolt, Pokemon the first Movie, Jirachi Wishmaker, Frozen.. you get the point ^_^
Favorite Music: Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice and Men, Pierce the Veil, Of monsters and Men, Coldplay, I like Iggy, Lorde, hmmm lets think of some more...Crown the Empire... and Maroon 5, I believe that's all ^_^
Favorite Books: I really really really really hate books with a passion, I just watch T.V.


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