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About Me: I am a loving kind,daring,adventurous and mysterious person.
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Country: Guyana
Age: 21
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Interests and Hobbies: Reading,singing,dancing, writing,listening to music Etc
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Anaconda,Twilight,breaking dawn,Two head shark attack,piranha 3d,Wizard of Waverly Places the movie,Tin Tin,The Wizard of Oz etc.
Favorite Music: Katey perry,movado,Lil rick,Avril lavigne,Lil Wayne, drake,Selena Gomez,Bruno Mars,Eminem,Shakira ,30 seconds to mars,Rihannah,Beyonce,Linkin park,Justin Timberlake,Justin Beiber
Favorite Books: Breaking Dawn,The secret of fern island,Ivanhoe,The Arthur series, Etc


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