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About Me: i am 14 and loveing this site!
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Country: Australia
Age: 23
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Interests and Hobbies: reading writting drawing day-dreaming
Favorite Movies & TV Shows: flicka dreamer charlott's web harry potter 1-3 (i was disappointed we the other 2 i watched. eragon untill i read the book. lizzy mcguire movie( got iut 4 my BD) ann of green gables the secret
Favorite Music: jack johnson u2 maroon5 plain white t's taylor swift
Favorite Books: percy. j lost hero the last dragon chronicles rowan of rin the key to rondo harry.p his dark matirials inkheart triology the inheritance cycle (there is a 4th book and there MAY be a 5th one!) the missing the 39 clues conspiracy 365 hmm... tanglewreck mister monday dark heaven(s) alanna's first adventure (i fogot the series's name wild magic (again forgot the series) the protector of the small witch and wizard across the nightingale floor ohh i forget more! oh yeh; ramses II i will write more once i remember... charllot's web narnia the new heroes series


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