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Yardrat Suit SuperSaiyan Goku

Artist: DarkAura / November 9, 2010
Yardrat Suit SuperSaiyan Goku

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Artist: DarkAura
Date Added: November 9, 2010
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Description: Goku Survived!! After A Epic Fight With Frieza Goku Transformed Into A Super Saiyan, Frieza Decided To Blow Up The Planet HAving Only A Few Minutes To Fight Goku Beat Frieza Yet To Be Merciful Giving A Small Ammount Of Energy Yet To Look Back At Frieza As Frieza Shot A Beam At Goku As Goku Shot It Right Back, As The Planet Namek Blew Up Goku Retrieved One Of The Ginyu Forces Space Pods Only With A Few Seconds To Spare Goku Shot Off To A Unknown Planet Known As 'Yardrat'... After A While Frieza Survived But Became ' Mecha Frieza' Frieza Shot Off 2 Hours Ahead Of Goku To Be Confronted By Trunks (Vegeta's Son)... Trunks Killed Frieza's Easily Goku Came To Earth Greeting His Friends As Well As Trunks And Trunks Asked Goku To Transform Into A Super Saiyan.